Fun, Naughty Photography

For Fun, Naughty People


Sally & Mitch have years of experience playing to the camera. Mitch behind it, and Sally in front of it. We know what it takes to make people look and feel their sexiest! Being a more mature couple, we have no hang ups about things and love to have fun while making people feel their most erotic!

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Feel Sexy

Life can sometimes have a tendency to drag one down. Make a person feel less then they are.  With SJ Erotica, our photos will bring out that super hot alluring you that is there during those HOT moments but has to be suppressed the rest of the time. We believe in letting that “inner freak” out

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Look Amazing

From lighting to toys to backdrops, we’ve experimented to bring you the hottest ways to look your naughtiest and sexiest! We can also do touch up work for those who want that full “magazine” style shoot. Whether at our small studio or your place you will get shots that make you feel “amaze balls”!

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About Sally & Mitch

We like to describe ourselves as those sexy neighbors next door that you just know are naughty as hell!, and we are! But we’re also a solidly committed couple who have fun in and out of the boudoir and want to help other couples and people feel the same way. We don’t have hang ups and are LGBTQ friendly. Say hi, then have a good time and set up a shoot with us today!

Our Place

We live in a historic home near the NJ Shore with a room dedicated to fun, sexy times. Tucked away in our 3rd floor we have a small studio to do fun photos. Check out some examples by following the links below baby!

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Your Place

We can bring out our equipment to your place! Have an idea for a shoot at your home or sexy area? We can come out and set up with equipment to do a fun, naughty shoot there! We love to play at your place!

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Feeling sexy and alluring always helps boost the overall mood of any person and we LOVE to help you capture that!

We’ve been taking sexy fun erotic photos together for almost a decade and together have  an excellent idea of what looks good in front of the lens!



We grew up, like many of our generation, sneaking those peeks at the “dirty”magazines of our era. 

What was once considered dirty by many is now what we all refer to as adult erotica. Our goal is to help you capture that inner sexiness that comes out during our most passionate moments.