We do get asked to work on very wild fantasy, sexy type scenarios and realized that we don’t have examples of that up! Mitch LOVES to dabble in photoshop and has done some really cool stuff for us over the years. Please take a look at these shoots and hit us up with any questions you may have!

Have a lovely, sexy, day,

Sally & Mitch

Mitch is a master at photoshop and compositing as well as photography. I come up with the prop ideas, angles and what looks best. (Some things just need that feminine touch, especially sexy things!) 

Above is me in my fave dreads showing some booty.

To the right are some wild shots that are dystopian and monster hunter-steampunk in style!

We LOVE being creative! (It’s said that people with high sex drives are very creative…hehe)

Come be creative with us!