We’re outside on our beach chairs, on the deck! It’s mid summer weirdness! LOL! Ok, so happy pedi endings, Mitch gets a Sally Sexy beach towel , check the youtube video for it!. We talk about getting interviewed at 69 Whiskey, very cool guys! Sally gives a quick Hustler update! In at 53! We watch the perseids! Meteors for life! Sally becomes Doctor Girlfriend after going WAY too deep on Mitch’s wang, whoops! Venture Brothers! Upside down and backwards BJ with a twist, twists Sally’s back and neck! Miss Sexy is, GETTING SOME NEW TATTOOS!! Yay, Lucy from Disenchanted, DO IT! And a little bird. Updates next month! We talk about old school adult magazines and their hierarchy. We also discuss this show we watched all about UK Cam girls. That and much more! So come have some auditory awkwardness with us!