Here we go again sexy peoples! Let’s chat about staying in shape for SEX!, hehe! Root beer is healthy living right? Jagundo’s booty gets a workout. The question is, how has camming and being more sexually open changed each of us. Welllll, now we have a SEX LIFE! Yea babay! Are we prudes? Is Mitch too uptight? These are questions we answer! The HOT TUB IS BACK!!! Sally wears a boa!, LOL. What stresses Mitch out? Camera angles! HA! Oh and…Sally goes SOLO!!! Yes, she is camming on her own! Don’t forget to vote for us at the ASN Awards! Go to best content creator and select Sexy and Jagundo Happy Horniness our sexy friends! Twinkle, Twinkle, Sally and Mitch SJErotica Photography