Sexatoriummmmm, dah dah, dum, dah!
It’s another fun week of freakiness with those sweaty weirdos, um, us. Wandering the house while camming. Sally makes the men stand at attention. Balls on the chin, wait, what? Time for new Hot Tub Whore Hardware!  Dragon enemas. Just listen.
Outdoor tortoises.Prepping for the Swinger Olyjmpics. Yep, we bought drift trikes. Hells to the bells yes. Can’t we just do like best deepthroat? LOL! Sally gets 10 gold stars in ONE DAY! That day is of course, 4-20. Get it? Sally’s BBC purchase pays off with well, LOTS of BBC!
All this and just us being us whcih can be a turn on or a WTF?
Twinkle, Twinkle,
Sally & Mitch

Spotify: #140