Welcum back to that weird naughty couple you like to laugh and play with, welcome back…
or something, LOL! Hey everyone, we’re here and we’re weird!
Sally does a couple…online!  Tied up wangs. Sally finds camming alone more lucrative. The boomboombangjam returns! HA! Motorbunny friction, heat! Pantyhose boobs? So many wang pics! 
Ending our evenings with, um, a facial, if you know what we mean, wink, nudge. SDC streaming and camming. Sally gets two big D’s in her mouth at the same time! Mitch goes through second puberty, ugh. Beetlejuice watch party!
Shake lenora! Our latest british adult show, um, Mums Who Do Porn, we review! COVID makes O’s go.
All this and other non-sexquitors, lol!
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Hugs, tickles and licks!
Sally & Mitch