Well, well, well, we enticed you enough to come back!
Yay! Welcome to our kinky klub! LOL! This time on S&J TCCC! X-Hamster marathon private, lol! We cam on the road! Somehow Mitch runs 3 streams at a time, IT maniac on steroids, lol! Mitch goes 1 for 2 on cumshots that weekend, ha! Shot and a miss!
Wine and pretzels, hey just listen. We get a youtube comment, and answer it! We are asked about porn and pirating our content. Free advertising, lol! The ASN Awards, vote for us! Nominate us for the 2024 ASN Awards! The link is below and the categories for us are best content creator performer (sexy and jagundo) and best entertainment podcast (sexy and jagundo that crazy camming couple)!
Gas and deepthroating. Epicness.
Oh and um, Dick, Turpin. Watch it.
Stay on the up and up, way up!
Sally & Mitch