Holy cow! We did it, 100 episodes! Wow, can’t believe we’ve been podcasting almost 2 years and doing the wild nasty online even longer, LOL! So for #100 we relax on our back deck and discuss the week in S&J, podcasting, and life in general. Quoth the raven, yes, we’ll follow Sally. Sally gets wrecked by our cat, zoinks! Sally explains her bug dilemma, i.e.:feeding the reptiles. Sucking eggsacks! What? The ongoing Tesla glass saga. Hot tub tanning. That slut from Redding California, hehe. I think they’re on the phone with someone, what? Mitch gets new pants, massive! LOL! Sally gets in Hustler Beaver Hunt! Look for it in August! Our big 100th episode news! Come on in and listen! Here’s to another 100 webisodes! Have fun everyone! Twinkle, Twinkle, Sally and Mitch

Spotify: #100