Yes, we love to bake like lizards in the sun and this podcast will show it, for those of you who can see us! LOL! This week it’s all about Sally just DESTROYING my…privates, LOL! New levels of grinding! Rowwr! Our little Lily gets a leg cyst, dawww. Sally teases some young c#$k. hehe! We talk our fave new Star Trek show! Cheating men, back in the day, like WAY back in the day. George Smashington, yes you have to listen! LOL! Tesla glass melts and blown fuses on poles! Hot tub vapor lock, reminder everyone, clean your tub, give it a scrub! All that and more of our usual wackiness, so tune it, turn on and drop a well, ya know! Oh and Mitch’s goldilocks’ c**k!

Spotify: #99