So… every year we take what we call the graveyard tour. Essentially we take a ride to say hello to our deceased and dearly loved parents who have all passed away. This involves a ride out near one of our favorite places, New Hope, PA and the surrounding area. This year we booked a lovely little AirBnB in town and stayed there for the evening. Which is where we did this podcast! LOL! With the recap over, well, here’s what to expect, people have the most interesting things running in the background while we cam, we try out Liquid Death’s Armless Palmer, now called Dead Billionaires, we buy a cool fake tree, the pond empties out!, too much Nightmare Before Christmas stuff!, weirdest question asked us during camming, EVER. No really! Mitch gets bit by a “cobra”, heavy quotes, but yes, he got some bloody nads, hmmm. All this and other wacky banter from your crazy cammers! Sally & Mitch Hugs & Licks! SJErotica Photography

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