Where oh where is the missing 120 episode? LOL, well it turns out we did a review episode that we wanted to save so we’re doing some Doctor Who stuff and running things out of order! Anyway, Yuletide Blessings our freaky sexy friends! This is out holiday episode and we are decked out in a bit of Victorian gear for this Sexxxmas Weekend! This time around we discuss tow hitches! Hey, you f*&k now? Our Yuletide Extravaganza! Lyndsey Stirling concerts and odd dichotomies, hehe! Township variance updates! We’re watching Secrets of Playboy, oh man.Victorian era porn and sex advice, oh brotha! Zoinks! So all that and more plus Sally’s cool hat! Hang with us during this holiday weekend!

Spotify: #122

Jingle those bells!

Sally & Mitch