This week, we debate the merits of different cock rings! Yes, vibrating or jewelry. We also discuss more of the sexy shows we have been watching while working out., shout out to @weexywtf of Sex Sells! We wuv you! Pole dancer names, lol! Real doll weirdness! The deuce at work, ugh. Code brown!! Odd animal news from Sally. Our 2024 Sexy Resort Tour and the ASN Awards! Heated pools! Chocolate festivals, Swinger Olympics?! Jizzy Love? WTAF? We switch to Stream Master browser for live camming and review it! We make plans for our adventures and Wyld Penus, all this and much more this week on That Crazy Camming Couple Podcast! Twinkle, twinkle, Sally & Mitch “We put the what in WTF.”

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