WOW, it’s been for you one week but for us TWO weeks since we have done a podcast and the reason is, drum roll, Sally got the ‘vid. Yes after dodging it for 3 years, Sally came down with covid the week we talked about her coughing and had a rough full week and it has been slow going since then. But Sally is on the mend and hopefully we’ll be back at full cream steam by Valentine’s day. Be that as it is, we’re back with more nonsense of sexiness! This time, Sally gets some WILD motorbunny action, that thing is loud! Blammo bike, who the F names a bike that? Sally does an anal private, or does she? Mitch gives us an update on Aunt Carol and his artwork! Our Wyld Penus product is on! Ask us for a bottle opener! Mitch on the swinger site, “damn you are ALWAYS smiling”. We talk about Ted, the teddy bear. Freak Brothers! High steppin’, oh yea! Oh and owl prowl freakiness. Just tune in, LOL! Twinkle, twinkle, Sally & Mitch

Spotify: #128