Well hello there our kinkers and kinkettes, and kinkos, etc, LOL!
Another week has um, come and gone and we are back! What’s with the balls in porno? Like sometimes they disappear! Zoinks! 

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Mitch makes the cheek pop noise, like the guy from Lost In Space. Just listen, lol! Sally squirts, like REALLY SQUIRTS! Obey the 30 second rule! Sally straps it on! Get it girl! Relationships when you are sexy, camming, open freaks, how it works with us. Guys and arguments. We talk lips, like jump lips, lol! Mitch nuts to a photo of a guy’s wife. Oh and Ron Jeremy.
Yep, we run the gamut and we are damn proud of it! LOL!
Have a moist and hard week,
Sally & Mitch