Let’s get this m-fing party started!
Ha! Mitch promises me that if he loses 5 pounds he’ll get a tatt above his wang. Animal drama! Cats, bearded dragons, it’s been constant pet perils here lately! Why was no one making a big deal out of a massive CME!? We do our first SDC vanilla livestream, it worked! Sally’s shoulder heals up, her booty however was another story this week. Big wheel drift trike practice! Mitch gets a private webcam where he pretends he’s a 1920’s dad. People are interesting. Mother’s Day, guess what was going on with Sally camiming that day? Sally marvels at how many guys want Mitch to, um, pleasure, their wives. Oh and Sally gets accused of being fake and bored while playing on cam. Yep. Which leads to Mitch learning how to block people on SDC. Skinwalker ranch and UFO’s. Rockets!  Some quick show reviews and other wacky stuff.
Keep it dirty you naughty freakos!
Twinkle, twinkle,
Sally & Mitch
“We put the WHAT? in WTF?”