For those about to bone, 
WE SALUTE YOU! (Mitch loves AC/DC)
We also salute our Dads for Memorial Day. A slow week for sexy news brings a big week for Sally’s pet updates, LOL! More drift trike practice and brake issues. Mitch’s ass gets some tender loving from my lips, lol! I try Mitch on how to handle sissy’s in the cam room. Mitch tries on some more tatts. Plans get nixed due to TOO MUCH VANILLA JOB ACTION, ha! We do a sexy photoshoot over the weekend. Content is king and queen bb! Mitch decides to wear glasses during it and oooo lala! HOT hun! He’s a professor of lickology. We get the paddle boat ready for the season and oh man, it is a CHORE! We watch a squirell get a nut! Mitch bonds with his hairdresser over Marvel movies Oh and Sally’s blue toes.
Stay clean while gettin’ dirty!
Twinkle, twinkle,
Sally & Mitch
“We put the WHAT? in WTF?”