Well wrap my ding dong!
It is TANNING WEATHER! We got new chairs and are broiling! We love it and love it even more now. Come see our tan bods, LOL!
We have been doing more drift trike practice, Mitch is trying to do 360’s and he got a couple gopro handlebar mounts to get action shots. For once, Sally has, no pet drama! Yay! We get into a taste test of ring dings vs ding dongs, lol! Lorenzo put out a post about the old foil wrapped cakes and it got us thinking, which was better, so, we dove in! Lotsa cream in this one, ha! Mitch has redone his creative room! A total makeover for making, um, porn, LOL! Mitch is still experimenting with tattoos, and I am LOVING it! We got our roof railings so we can sunbath there, podcast and just have fun, hehe. Skyclad moonbaths, here we cum! Oh and we got our SDC gear. Come hang with these odd exhibitionists!

Twinkle, twinkle,
Sally & Mitch
“We put the WHAT? in WTF?”