The heat is on and it ain’t the fun kind!
We are back up on our roof in the spider-webs and talking about life, liberty and the pursuit of naughty times and sexy shenanigans! So we realized we were still a bit exposed in our backyard hot tub and we bought a LOT more umbrellas to cover up our freaky action. We’ve gone from SDC’s hot tub whores to cammodels moist hot tub sex king and queen! LOL, they LOVE Sally’s moist bod in that tub.Things get crazy! Some people relax in the hot tub, we get tips, zoinks. A new level of freakdom.We see an actual UAP while talking about Skinwalker Ranch and um, UAP’s!  Sally’s snakes are doing well! Sally gets new shoes ordered! We hunt for cool metal signs! Dinner on the river! Our 3 year anniversary podcast will be out the weekend we are at the ASN awards! So much fun stuff happening!
Ok, we’re off for the weekend to fuck and get our feet massaged! hehe!
Twinkle, twinkle,
Sally & Mitch
“We put the WHAT? in WTF?”