We have deemed this, the summer of wet.
Wet humping in the hot tub! Yea bb!! We’re back with more tales of wet raunchiness in our backyard sexidise (sex paradise? LOL) We get laughed at, by um something, what?! Kilroy voyeurs? Roleplay dunk tub action!
Mitch GET IN THERE! Ants, EVERYWHERE! We lose power and Mitch stays home to reboot the house. Sally dances on a penis as our sex vid intros? Mitch wants to stretch his videography abilities. Skull shoes arrive! Mitch
discovers macarons! Biking in Peace Valley bb! Lavender farms. Salt cave relaxation and amazing foot rubdowns. It’s now time to get hardcore for the ASN awards! Oh and Mitch rides his PK Ripper on a pump track.
We’re off to go play in the tub of tantalizing times.
Twinkle, twinkle,
Sally & Mitch
“We put the WHAT? in WTF?”