It’s Happening…IT’S HAPPENING!
OMGess!! YESSSS, another Sexy & Jagundo podcast, LOL! Oh and maybe Sally blew her mind again 3 times in a row, hehe!
So where are we going this week? Well we discuss pantyhose and the fetish of stocking’d legs. It’s  a beauty night for Sally & Mitch, ha!
Mitch’s Dad and the balls of WWII veterans. Flying planes and parachutes? Foot fetish videos continue their upward trend! Sally talks about  young
thin fellers and MONSTER DONG’S, oh jeesh! We learn about a class action lawsuit against Streammate! No one from NJ is allowed to sign up at this point
in time, whaaaaa?! Leaving marks on Sally’s booty with a spanking stick! The cover of the Motorbunny is getting worn ou! We prepare to do more porn video
reviews. Oh yea! Sally shows off her new BBC, yep another sex store excursion! wink, nudge. Mitch goes deep on what the F the PMRC was. Ahhh, let us tell
you about the 1980’s and satanic panic…
Anyone who is different will always get beat on, oh and Too Wong Foo…
With Love,
Twinkle, Twinkle,
Sally & Mitch