Hot, HOt, HOT!
We decided to do a podcast actually from our brand new sauna! Yep, we’re sitting in the sweatbox and chatting away, LOL!
This week we discuss super special sauna towels, yep, Mitch is sitting on me in the sauna, ha! Join our SDC Sauna Slut Group!
Sally’s covid battle continues, bleh! We also discuss rude people in some of our group chat rooms when we hang out, come on people
we can’t bone ALL the time, jeesh! More foot fetish fun! Big news, Mitch got thrown into timeout on Streamate! LOL! He’s got toooo many guys 
who want hiim to play with their wives. No showing photos Mitch! 
Sally has 3 big O’s in a row on cam! BoomboomFJam shoves sausages where they normally don’t go for Sally. Oh my!
Motorbunny requests!  Sally goes on the hunt for a BBC dildo, all over NJ, LOL!
The F Me paddle! Oh my!
Gay wedding plans and more!
Come listen and enjoy our wackiness, 
Twinkle, twinkle,
Sally & Mitch