Hello there our friendly freaky kinky krew! As Sally get’s slowly back into the “swing” of things we get back into discussing the wackiness that is our lives. First up, we got a 2 person sauna! Which of course means  we needed to set up a group on SDC to hang out and chat about saunas! Join our Sauna Slut group LOL!
Sally updates her health dealing with the covid scenario. We make a funky foot fetish vid, THREE FREAKING TIMES! Arghhhhh!  Show them toes bb! Things cam models do when certain situations arise! More about the sex shows we are watching, The closeting of celebs in the 80’s and 90’s. Speaking of that time we also discuss OWG’s (old white guys) and their obsession with legislatiing sexuality. Ugh…oppression.Mitch has a radio voice? Shoe banging. Just listening. Pantyhose and other fetish fun! We also bring Ted into the show and discuss massive butt crack! All this and more wackiness on a new episode of our crazzy camming podcast!
Have a lovely naughty weekend freakies!
Twinkle, twinkle,
Sally & Mitch
Oh and cum island! Whuuuu?